Why use ThaiPetID?

Most ChipID companies in Thailand do not keep a database of the dogs they chip, WE DO! Please do not use these companies, they make export legal but do nothing if you lose your pet!

Losing a pet is a traumatic experience, pets become a part of the family and while we do our best to keep them safe many are lost each year without much chance of finding them.  Microchipping offers the most effective method of pet identification and reunion, the practice is proven worldwide and ThaiPetId offers a full service from registration of pets who are microchipped abroad to supplying implant kits and readers here in Thailand. 

Our service does not just offer an implant service it offers a centralised database of implanted pets, one database and one call centre, this increases the chance of you finding your pets, here at ThaiPetID we do not see the point of chipping an animal with no real way of finding out where it was chipped.  

Every practice that offers our service will have a chip reader so if a pet is lost they can be taken to any of these practices and identified and reunited with their owner.

Most pets that are being exported from Thailand must be microchipped and increasingly the Thai government is talking about making it law that ALL cats and dogs are chipped and registered.

ThaiPetID will donate 10% of profits to the Soi Dog Foundation.