Are you a vet? Want to offer the services of ThaiPetID?

As a franchisee of ThaiPetID microchipping services you get to offer your customers -

A microchip implant service

Pet registration to Thailand's fastest growing pet registration database

Certification - useful if the pet is being taken abroad

A 24 hour a day, 365 day a year service for reporting pets that are lost or found 

How much money will I make?

The profit margin for franchisees is dependent on the number of microchips you implant, the more you implant the more you will make, no fancy algorithms, no special deals it's very simple. 

What are the benefits to you as a franchisee?

The benefits are not just financial although the business will prove to be very lucrative but there are the following additional benefits -
You will be offering an increasingly important service
By offering the service you will increase the footfall to your practice bringing in more business
ThaiPetID will offer you  first class back up, we will ensure you have all you need to offer a first class service.
10% of all profits made by ThaiPetID will be used to help Soi Dogs, we will make regular payments to the Soi Dog Foundation to help them continue their great work feeding, inoculating and desexing dogs.

How much will the franchise cost me? 

At the moment the franchises are FREE, All you will need to do is rent a chip reader from us by way of a returnable deposit, purchase some microchip kits at wholesale prices and you are ready to start operating. We will provide the posters and point of sale information needed. 

Ok, my practice wants to be a part of this! What next?

To get the ball rolling all you need to do is to contact us on  0972904744 Thai or English or email us on

Things to take note of BEFORE you apply.

We only accept fully trained vets as franchisees and you will be asked to prove your qualifications.
We prefer it if the franchisees own a veterinary practice, pet rescue or similar environment but we will consider others, please enquire.
If someone is found to be breaching the terms and conditions of ThaiPetID they will risk being taken to court for breach of contract and being sued to the fullest extent of the law.
Customers will have online and verbal, real time access to our approved suppliers list, anyone found to be offering our service without being on this list will risk being taken to court for fraud and being sued to the fullest extent of the law, we take our brand very seriously and will not allow its reputation to be compromised.